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Step 9: The Best 5 Tips for Living Amends Silver Mist Recovery


living amends aa

They may refuse to meet at all or refuse to listen to what you have to say. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say when preparing to make amends. There may be so many times we feel we let someone down that it can be hard to know where to begin.

What Does Step 9 (Making Amends) Have To Do With Sobriety?

A luxurious family-owned center treating addiction and mental health with evidence-based therapies, experienced psychiatric care, and restorative amenities. A luxurious, secluded center treating mental health and substance and behavioral dependency issues with individualised treatment plans and world-class experts. If truthful answers to these questions reveal that you’re not ready to move on, or that you may even need to go back to earlier steps, set the list aside for later. Next time, you’ll be in a better position to accept your shortcomings and align with the path to fix them.

  • The time it will take depends on many factors, such as your comfort level, the number of people hurt, and the severity of the damage caused.
  • You can still be true to that by making an honest apology and not making excuses for why you didn’t follow through.
  • Living amends represent the long-term actions you will take to remain committed to recovery.
  • If you or a loved one is struggling to stay sober or needs help maintaining sobriety while working the 12 Steps, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes can help.

Phone, Video, or Live-Chat Support

  • If you have devoted the necessary time and energy to the first 8 steps, you should have a solid foundation from which to approach making amends in Step 9.
  • We’re taking accountability for our actions during active addiction, and we’re marking for ourselves a new chapter where those behaviors are no longer acceptable.
  • This is a list of all of the people in your life whom you believe you have harmed.
  • People can choose to share their stories, and some receive AA chips.
  • Thankfully, there are tips you can take to help make your living amends permanent and lasting.

That’s why we have a comprehensive set of treatment providers and don’t charge for inclusion. We do not and have never accepted fees for referring someone to a particular center. Providers who advertise with us must be verified by our Research Team and we clearly mark their status as advertisers. If approaching the other person opens up old wounds or re-traumatizes them, making amends isn’t advisable. If interacting with someone re-traumatizes you, or increases your risk of relapse, you might want to reconsider approaching them. A full continuum of care treating addiction and dual diagnoses with medication-assisted treatment, family therapy, and holistic therapies in Northern California.

A Choice for Meaningful Treatment with Dignity

living amends aa

It’s about making positive changes within yourself so that you don’t repeat old patterns of behavior that led to your broken relationships in the first place. The changes that occur due to your efforts positively affect your commitment to becoming a better friend, child, parent, or person all around. Living amends is a certain type of amends you make in addiction recovery. Essentially, it means making a radical shift in the way you live and sticking to that.

living amends aa

My Loved One Needs Help

  • While this step involves a direct exchange with another person, its goal has everything to do with healing and addiction recovery on the part of the person making the amends.
  • There may be situations where the damage caused by your active addiction is irreparable and making amends is not possible.
  • They help navigate the complexity of making amends, advising on whether the suggested form of amends is appropriate and constructive.
  • Many alcoholics in early sobriety struggle with how to make direct amends for certain offenses against others.

Sometimes, you may not have the opportunity to make direct amends to the person you harmed. Perhaps the person is no longer living, or you no longer have contact with them and reestablishing contact would cause more harm. Other individuals who have completed Step 9, such as your sponsor, may be able to help you choose a meaningful way to make indirect amends.

living amends aa

Benefits of Recovery Life Coaching for Addiction Treatment

Before completing step nine, the recovering alcoholic needs to be ready to deliver their message with the best intentions, not motivated by false expectations. The reason why it is better to make amends earlier rather than later is based on experience and case studies. Many recovering alcoholics have relapsed when they allowed their fears to block them from completing step nine. For example, Dr. Bob, one of the original founders of the AA program, could not stay sober until he went around town and made amends to all those he had hurt.

How Is Different?

Unfortunately, after you get sober, all the hurt and destruction you caused in the wake of your addiction doesn’t just go away. You have to put in the work to repair the damage and heal those relationships. To make amends, you must do more than just make apologies for your past behavior. Instead, making amends means you apologize for what you’ve what is a living amends done and make it right. Similarly, making living amends means you completely change the way you live and remain committed to that lifestyle. In Twelve Step recovery from alcohol or drugs, a direct amendment is when you personally address issues with people who have been harmed by your behavior or treatment because of your addiction.

living amends aa

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